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The Edge

The Edge offers you cutting edge technology put in the service of developing state-of-the-art web and mobile applications.


NodeJS is the best option for creating web applications that will work in real time, such as chat engine. It is a cross-platform runtime environment for creating server-side Web apps.

NodeJS offers an event-driven architecture, making in perfect for real-time web apps and its code executes extremely fast, thanks to the JavaScript in the backend and the fact that it runs on the Google V8 machine. This is your ideal choice if you want a streaming application or your goal is creating API because it is great for handling numerous requests that are I/O driven.


Mean Stack

The MEAN Stack is the latest modern stack offered for developing web-driven applications. MEAN is comprised of four components – MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS. First letters of these components form its handsome acronym. MEAN is becoming more and more popular with every day and a number of big players, as well as a whole lot of small businesses, are opting for using it.

Main advantages of the MEAN Stack are:

  • It uses JavaScript, which is the most popular programming language;
  • Web applications are written by using this Stack are extremely fast;
  • It is the latest technology for creating web applications and many large companies are deciding to use it;
  • It doesn’t require an SQL database, but instead opts for a document-oriented database called MongoDB;

Meteor JS

Meteor JS is a cutting edge, modern JavaScript framework which offers a unique blend of power and simplicity. The most important advantage of Meteor JS is the fact that any application written by using this framework is real-time by default. The internet itself is more and more moving toward becoming a real-time environment and it’s this kind of tools that are the ones that will be the most deserving for successfully completing that move.

Meteor JS offers a comprehensive, reliable and fast “all in one” approach which is a guarantee that it will become a huge player in the near future.


No SQL Databases

No SQL databases offer various database technologies that were developed along with cloud computing and present the response to the popular demands that occurred in building modern applications.

Although they are not a direct replacement for relational database management systems, they proved to be a much better match because of many advantages such as:

  • Handling big volumes of structured, partially structured and unstructured data;
  • Quick iteration and often code pushes;
  • Flexible and simple to use object oriented programming;
  • Efficient, scale-out architecture;

High performance and the ability to handle a great amount of data efficiently is what makes NO SQL Databases such as MongoDB the latest hit in the IT industry.

Analytical Databases

An analytical database is created to support analytical applications, usually as a part of a data warehouse. It is a read-only system in charge of storing historical data such as sales performance or levels of inventory. The information in the database is updated on a regular basis and corporate executives, business analysts, and other workers are able to run queries and reports against it.

We can distinguish five different types of analytical databases:

  • Columnar databases, which are able to organize data by columns;
  • In-memory databases, which are able to load the source data into the memory of the system using a compressed, non-relational format;
  • Data warehouse appliances, which mix the database with hardware and business intelligence tools and create an integrated platform;
  • Online analytical processing databases (OLAP), which keep multidimensional “cubes” of collected data to perform the analysis of information based on several data attributes;
  • Massively parallel processing databases (MPP), which can spread big data over a cluster of servers, ensuring the systems can share the workload of processing queries;

Skysoft Advantage

Resource and development (R&D) activities are an important part of the core DNA of our Skysoft team. Not only we possess experience of over 216,000 working hours in the IT industry, but we always make sure to keep up with all the innovations in our field. This enables us to offer our clients cutting edge services which will make them leaders when it comes to web applications in their field.

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