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Native Cloud Apps

Native Cloud Apps are the best way to take advantage of cloud computing. This means that your app will be hosted on a cloud-based virtual machine, which has a couple of very important advantages:

  • No interruption of services – in cases when different failures, such as power outage, happen, native cloud apps make the corrective actions automatically, moving from one data centre to the other, enabling the app to have maximum possible uptime;
  • Automatic provision of resources – native cloud apps don’t require their resources to be physically provided, but are instead provided on-demand in accordance with the app, reducing the costs and manual effort;
  • Pay as you go model – with native cloud apps, you will pay only for the computing resources and time frame you have used, and not a cent more, enabling you to have low variable costs for your app;

Take a look at some high-reputable cloud services offered to you:

  • Amazon Cloud
    Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers you a cost-effective and simple storage service through Amazon Cloud. They invest a lot into security, and SAS 70 Type II and ISO 27001 are just among some of the famous certification Amazon has that will guarantee all your data is safe on their servers.
  • IBM BlueMix
    IBM already has all the popular runtimes incorporated and ready to go in their BlueMix service and it also gives you the option of installing your own runtime thanks to Cloud Foundry technology. Aside from that, there is a constantly developing catalogue of services that can simply be integrated into your app.
  • Microsoft Azure
    Microsoft Azure cloud computing service offers you familiarity of Windows, considering it was made by the same company. Aside from that, Azure is extremely reliable, flexible and secure.

Distributed & Mixed Cloud Apps

Distributed apps are unique because they can run on more than one computer within a single network at the same time. They enable communication with multiple servers or devices on a single network from any location. Distributed apps have two separate programs. The client software accesses the data which is located on the server or a cloud, and then that data is processed by one of those two.

  • Software running on a network of bare metal servers, VPS, and cloud

Bare metal servers are a good choice if you want to get your software online in minutes. These servers are preconfigured using standard hardware configuration and they can be up and running in the blink of an eye.

If you opt for a VPS (Virtual Private Server), you will get one dedicated server only for you. In this case, the client orders a server with certain attributes which he can modify manually, unlike with bare metal servers.

Running your software on a cloud means that you will be renting a part of a really big network of machines that are linked together. Although these machines offer virtually unlimited resources, the advantage of cloud hosting is that you can scale up the resources to your needs in just a few clicks and use just as much as you need.

Migrate legacy apps to cloud

Regardless of the fact how big your IT budget is, you will want to spend it wisely. Maintaining legacy apps is not the smartest solution nowadays, as it requires a big part of your budget. Migrating to cloud hosting would not only lower the cost of maintenance, but it would also increase the accessibility and availability of your app, as well as make it easier to keep up with customer demands.


Skysoft Advantage

When looking for a cloud solution, you should have a team of experts by your side to make sure you opt for the solution that is the most appropriate for your organization. Vast experience that Skysoft team is a guarantee that our cloud solutions will satisfy all your and your clients’ requirements.

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