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Bespoke Application Development

Web App

Skysoft can provide you complex custom web apps delivered in a simple way, including eCommerce, B2B Order Entry, Sales Dashboard, Utility Billing, Portals and much more. Custom web apps are needed across different industries and are a great way to increase revenue, reduce costs and improve the service you offer to the clients. Our team has extensive experience in using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML and other technologies, which enables us to meet all our clients’ needs and requirements. The team of experts we have is also at your disposal for advising you which custom web app would help you to increase your revenue in the most effective way.


Custom Mobile Apps

Whether you have an established enterprise with the goal of increasing your efficiency or you’ve just founded a company that offers digital service, mobile app development must be one of your top priorities. Mobile has become the preferred method of exploring and sharing information, which is why you need to create an exceptional experience for your customers in order to bring profit to your company. This can be done by putting the creation of your custom mobile apps in the hands of an experienced team of developers such as Skysoft.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid Apps mix the good things that come from both the web and native apps to bring you the best of them. By combining these two technologies, hybrid apps bring their greatest feature, such as accessing data from other applications, working offline, increased speed and enhanced user experience.



SAAS (Software as a Service) offers all the advantages of cloud computing. It is a distribution model where a remote provider hosts apps and makes them available for your customers from around the world. This means that there is no need for companies to purchase software and install in on their own computers but instead, they pay for this service using the pay as you go model. SAAS enables companies to save money they would otherwise spend for purchasing the software and maintaining it. Besides that, companies don’t need to think about updating their software since the provider automatically performs all updates and management of the software.


PAAS (Platform as a Service) is another way of cloud computing, offering you the possibility to innovate your business and grow your database of clients quickly. In this model, the provider delivers hardware and software tools and offer it to its users as a service. The greatest benefit is that both hardware and software are hosted by the provider, enabling clients to save big money by not spending on their own hardware.


Skysoft Advantage

Skysoft has its most important asset in its network of innovative developers, software engineers, and designers. As of June 2016, our team has logged on:

  • 800+ Clients;
  • 2000+ Projects;
  • Over 216,000 working hours of software development

Our team’s extensive experience is the firm foundation that enables us to work across various platforms and programming languages. We are able to strategize and deliver the best possible solution for any of your needs, making your business more profitable and intelligent.

Don’t wait another minute, contact Skysoft to start working on the custom app of your choice and increase your profits!

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